Strategic Priority – Transportation

City Council is prioritizing the development of a mobility strategy that supports various transportation options and will serve our community for decades. I am the lead on this Strategic Priority area.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): Starting December 2017, the City and the consulting team will lead stakeholder engagement and refinement of the BRT functional plan, station design, transit network plan, park-and-ride strategy, and implementation plan. The initial events include: November 9, 10 – Transit Villages, landowner interviews; December 1 to 5 – Saskatoon BRT Preferred Configuration, online information and survey; December 5, 6 – Saskatoon BRT Preferred Configuration, public open house and stakeholder workshops.

Active Transportation: The raised cycle track on Victoria Avenue between 8th Street and Main Street is complete, and the segment between Main Street and the Traffic Bridge will be completed in spring 2018. The Downtown Protected Bike Lanes project assessment is complete and ready to be reported to Council. The assessment included evaluating bicycle volumes, automobile travel time, collision rates, unlawful sidewalk riding, satisfaction with the project, perception of safety by protected bike lane users and economic vitality.

Transportation network companies (TNCs): Work in this area continues and an internal administrative committee has been working on this matter. A report to City Council is forthcoming.

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS): In mid-October the project developing the ITS strategic plan kicked off. This plan will address traffic signal coordination, incident management, congestion at key locations (including railway crossings), and public transportation.

Traffic safety: In mid-October the administration kicked off the exploration of bringing the Vision Zero traffic safety policy to Saskatoon. Vision Zero is an integrated traffic safety policy based on ethics, responsibility, a philosophy of safety, and creating mechanisms for change.

Engagement Opportunities

There are a number of engagement opportunities relating to transit plan. Please take a moment to share your thoughts through a survey here, and learn about upcoming open house dates: