Kind Words of Support – An Endorsement for Bev Dubois 

Bev Dubois has always been a friend to the Saskatoon Firefighters.  Throughout her 4 terms as a councillor, we have had many discussions regarding the role of firefighters in protecting the citizens of Saskatoon.  Bev knows well the importance of an adequate number of fire halls in the proper locations, so that response times can remain low. As fires continue to burn faster and hotter, Bev is aware of the importance of staffing levels, to make sure an adequate number of firefighters respond to each emergency.  The most important investment the taxpayer makes in their fire dept is the people. IAFF Local 80 wants to provide the citizens with the best, highly trained firefighters possible.  This includes the use of  a dedicated training facility, which SFD has been without for 30 years.  Bev has been a supporter for this and we are happy that she will continue to push for this to become a reality.   IAFF Local 80 endorses Bev Dubois for Ward 9 City Councillor.

Saskatoon Firefighters Union IAFF 80

“Bev is a dependable, forward thinking leader with experience in understanding the needs and challenges of our diverse workplace.  Challenges such as safer work stations and taking on the challenge to advocate for plexiglass barriers in the buses and improve the bus system and its reliability for the riding public by supporting the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) that will dramatically improve the service for the citizens of saskatoon. These challenges require a leader who is connected and engaged not only with the citizens but also with the frontline workers. I have always appreciated Bev and her tireless work to make Saskatoon Transit and The City Of Saskatoon a place of great pride. For these and many other reasons, ATU615 endorses Bev Dubois for Ward 9 City Councillor

– Darcy Pederson President Business Agent Amalgamated Transit Union Local 615


“Barry and I have known Bev for the past 20 years. Bev is honest, hardworking, enthusiastic, and represents the ward very professionally. Since we moved to Legion Manor 6 years ago( a seniors residence) Bev has been instrumental in providing professionalism in keeping the laneway to Market Mall ice-free in the winter for the seniors of the area. In addition, Bev has instituted a program ie: stop signs to prevent vehicular traffic from driving in Dan Warden Park as the walkways are used frequently by students and seniors. We are proud to have Bev as our Councillor and she will continue to represent the ward in a very professional manner. ”   

-Wendy and Barry Anderson, Legion Manor

“I have had the opportunity to work with Bev for the last few years on projects relating to the Lakeridge Community Association. She is a strong leader within our community. She regularly attends Lakeridge community board meetings and events. During events within the community, she is there to set-up, the events and is one of the last to leave after clean up.

Bev Dubois always speaks candidly about her stance on issues that are being put forward by City Council. She never avoids a hard question that is raised by the members on current issues. She is always open to discussions about controversial issues.  I believe that her efforts and openness to gain the opinion of her constituents on current council issues is thorough and far-reaching and is always considered when Bev is voting.  Bev is a very valuable member of the Ward 9 community and a strong voice for us within the city council. I fully support her re-election this term.”

Nicole Pendleton MD, BSP
Lakeridge Resident

Resident Doctor of Neurosurgery
University of Saskatchewan


For more information or to arrange for an interview, contact: 

Bev Dubois, 306-260-2360